IMPORTANT: I Was Gate-Raped By My Government

In our faith tradition, this is an important week. “Holy Week”. So–there’s lot of praying going on. I just came back from our “Palm Sunday” service, where we recount the “Passion of Christ”…his journey to the Cross.

It’s against this somewhat solemn backdrop that I just read Shannyn Moore‘s column in the Anchorage Daily News. I cried. I’ve known Shannyn since she started her daily radio program over at KOAN a couple of years ago. The “Alaska Travelgram” radio show comes on after her show on Tuesdays. She outspoken, witty, funny, talented….and like the rest of us, complex. Above, I snapped this photo of Shannyn last Christmas at the Tap Root Cafe (where she tapes her TV show, “Moore Up North”). That’s Shannyn in the middle, Marja Beltrami on the left and Vince Beltrami on the right. 

CLICK HERE TO READ:  “I Was Gate-Raped By My Government”

Take a moment to read her column about her experience at Reagan Airport in Washington, DC. Read it carefully. And then pray for Shannyn. And pray for our country. It’s clear that our experiment in airport “security” has gone too far. There are many questions on how the TSA is doing–and how they should tackle their complex mission. But Shannyn’s story, I think , details in a horrific way how not to handle things.

Her story, graphically portrayed in her own words, may help others to challenge the TSA. It’s past time to call out their arrogant chief, the airlines that are complicit in this injustice and our elected officials who clearly need a “mandate” to get rid of these jokers.

But tonight, I am going to pray for Shannyn Moore. And I am going to pray for our country. I invite all of you to do the same.


4 Responses to “IMPORTANT: I Was Gate-Raped By My Government”

  1. Keri Scaggs
    April 17, 2011 at 9:37 am #

    Alaskans fly – more than probably any other state. That is true. I’ve never been sexually abused, and can’t imagine how that translates into trauma during the enhanced pat-down. I was going thru Delta @ LAX, and before I realized it, as they gave no option whatsoever, I was going thru the x-ray. I don’t object to it because it’s revealing, my sister died young from cancer and I refuse to willingly expose myself to radiation. On the return from Salt Lake, and later in Portland, I chose the pat-down, as did my boyfriend. Neither one of us felt it to be a big deal in any way, shape or form. While I believe the TSA is the biggest boondoggle our government has created in years, there was no need for Shannyn to reveal her politics at the end of her piece. As I read thru, it was, I’ll be honest, hard for me to relate to the extreme reaction – that is if her pat-down was like the ones I had. And, I was pleasantly surprised she didn’t find a way to dog President Bush – until I got to the last line. It gets old. Anyone who knows her is well aware of her point of view. I know she’s gifted and funny – I’ve listened to her on NPR several times. Her refusal to pass up a chance to denigrate a President – past or sitting – was disappointing.

  2. Sherry Innes
    April 17, 2011 at 10:01 am #

    Wow. That is powerful. I went through the TSA physical exam at SEA/TAC on my return flight in March because I forgot to tell them I’d just had knee replacement surgery. The buzzer went off so I had to step aside and assume the position. The women (one to watch, one to exam) were careful and considerate, considering the circumstances. I convinced myself that they have to do it for security reasons. I didn’t feel “violated”, but then again, I’ve never been raped.

    Is this necessary? I don’t know. I honestly want to feel safe on an airplane. As Shannyn said, Alaskans have to fly a lot, but is the exam necessary? I heard of an 8 year old child having to be searched because s/he had forgotten to take something out of a pocket. I saw a nearly deaf very elderly woman with a cane searched. She was confused and her daughter had to shout to explain what was going on. Is this keeping me safe?

    I, too, am a woman of faith who loves her country. I want to be supportive of my government’s attempts to protect us, the citizenry, but shouldn’t common sense come into play here?

    I pray for my country and I will pray for Shannyn. I’m so sorry she had such a terrible experience.

  3. Coral Bohne
    April 17, 2011 at 11:55 am #

    Shannyn – I watch your show and admire your work, even when I disagree (rarely). I’m so sorry you had to go through that. The female TSA officer couldn’t look at you. Can you imagine the trauma she is accumulating? Later she could be on long-term medical leave. Maybe we need to find some female TSA officers to lead a “stand down” – but they’re going to have to be organized. I too am one of the five, but my pat down (I forgot a bracelet) was before it got so invasive – I just made a lot of stupid jokes to get through it. But was horrified standing in a clear plastic box for the procedure while everyone watched. If they touch my face, or breast or held me by the wrists – I collapse into a sobbing fetal ball. They going to carry me out? I’m in Hawaii now – maybe I should leave my bracelets on in Seattle. We get enough of theses stories, they have to make changes. Don’t they?

  4. Coral Bohne
    April 17, 2011 at 11:57 am #

    Thanks Scott – for bringing this to our attention.