KOAN Podcast: The Talkeetna Show, with Sandra Loomis!



Awesome show this week with Sandra Loomis of Talkeetna (above). Sandra has visited before–and she even called in from Antarctica. So she knows how to travel! But she always returns to Talkeetna! zip

LISTEN UP while we talk about Denali Zipline Tours! We zipped through the trees last year–you should DO IT! At right, audio engineer Kirby Kauffman makes a “leap of faith”! HAHA!  But there’s more:

FLIGHTSEEING. We flew o-v-e-r Denali with Talkeetna Aero Services in their pressurized Piper Navajo. At about 11,000 feet, everyone gets to wear oxygen! (2-for-1 ticket in the Alaska TourSaver!!)

JETBOATS! Cruise with Steve Mahay up the Susitna River to Devil’s Canyon. It’s an EPIC adventure, I’m told. I haven’t made it upriver that far–but it’s on the short list! (2-for-1 ticket in the Alaska TourSaver for the Wilderness Jetboat Tour)

EATING! Two words: Talkeetna Roadhouse. OK. Three words: Mountain High Pizza. You get the idea: there’s plenty to eat in Talkeetna. The town is quirky. It’s individualistic. It’s…well…it’s Talkeetna!

RIDE THE RAILS. Sandra and I chat up the Alaska Railroad, which departs each day from Anchorage to Talkeetna (2-for-1 ticket w/TourSaver!) . Also, the train leaves Talkeetna Thursdays-Sundays at 11:30am for a trip up to Hurricane. It’s a unique “flag stop” experience on the railroad (2-for-1 w/TourSaver!). Co-host Erin Kirkland just did a post about it. CHECK IT OUT.

For more details, as well as colorful commentary….HAHA….tune in. LISTEN UP!! 


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