In-n-Out of Africa: my drive-by visit to Cape Town

Cape Town is a city that’s been on my list for some time. My friend Jeremy Lansman lives there and suggested I stop by. That was good enough for me. Thankfully, he took a couple of days off and drove me around to see some of his favorite spots on “The Cape.” I’m saving a trip to Robben Island and up to Table Mountain for my next visit. This time, we saw the penguins and explored some small oceanfront towns, including the “V & A Waterfront” in Cape Town. I took some photos–it’s all part of the #RushAroundTheWorldTour2017.

South Africa is a land of abundant natural resources and incredible beauty. The “Western Cape” is particularly compelling–the climate is similar to California’s (read “sunny and beautiful). Still, the country struggles with economic opportunity, crime and corruption. It was just recently (1994) when apartheid, or institutionalized racism, officially ended.

Even so, I look forward to a return visit to see more of the Cape, to visit the wildlife parks such as Kruger–and to learn more about this country. Check out the photos…


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