Take the “Orca Quest” cruise in Seward!

Orcas swim alongside the “Orca Song” near Seward.

Join the search for ORCA WHALES in Seward! That’s the focus of Major Marine Tours’ new “Orca Quest”

The Orca Song rests dockside adjacent to the Harbor 360 Hotel.

cruise between May 15 and June 16. Instead of a pre-planned route, your captain on board the “Orca Song” will plot a customized course based on recent sightings. Watch for the prominent dorsal fins, which can grow to six feet! Learn about the whales from the experienced captain and the crew. With Orca Song’s onboard hydrophone, you can actually hear the orcas sing underwater!

CRUISE-ONLY: $84 ($42 for children 11 and under), May 15-June 16. The Orca Quest is the only cruise in Seward dedicated to finding these unique marine mammals!

Smart travelers will head to Seward and spend the night at Harbor 360 Hotel! Since Major Marine owns the hotel, which sits on the waterfront where you board the Orca Song, there are some great packages. Prices start at $153 per person (midweek), double. Taxes and fees are additional. Each package includes overnight accommodations, breakfast and the Orca Quest. Guests also can enjoy the pool and hot tub! **

Get the details ONLINE . Then, call (907)274-7300 to make your reservations.

** FAMILY-FRIENDLY. Both Major Marine Tours and the Harbor 360 Hotel are FAMILY-FRIENDLY, since they’re a local, family-owned company!


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